SMALL SCALE standard products

Medium SCALE standard products

Large SCALE standard products 

Easy configurable modular energy storage systems

All our products have two components: rechargeable adsorption batteries and electronics

Batteries are lightweight and safe to handle.  No toxic or highly corrosive materials are inside them.  Contacts are "female" type and it is impossible to reach them with hand or finger.

Electronic block performs two functions: controls battery charge and discharge process and inverts AC to DC and DC to AC. Data transmission capability is optional.

Electronic block has only ON/OFF switch and color indicators of battery condition (green: good, yellow: will need attention soon and red: should be replaced.


Battery replacement is easy (similar to replacing a book in a book shelf), it may be done without turning system OFF and it does not have to be done immediately (system will continue functioning normally, but storage capacity will be reduced.

Batteries and electronics are installed on a rack.  System form factor, weight, volume, storage capacity, output power, voltage and current may be configured to meet user's requirements.  We also ready to answer any questions, perform cost/benefit analysis for each case and assist with space planning and installation.

Our product is designed to work indoor or outdoor (with enclosure to protect from rain and snow) at temperatures from -30C to +60C.  Operation outside of this temperature range will require enclosure and thermal insulation, which are available as optional components.

1 kW-h

2 kW-h

3 kW-h

Standard modules may be interconnected to have total capacity from 1 to 50 kW-h.

Each module may be delivered by light truck and installed by end user.

Standard modules  of 10 and 50 kW-h capacity may be interconnected to have total capacity from 10 to 500 kW-h.

Modules may be delivered by light or mid size truck(s) and should be installed by qualified electrician.

Standard modules  of 100 kW-h and 1 MW-h capacity may be interconnected to have total capacity from 100 kW-h to 1 MW-h and above.  Each module is factory installed in sea shipping container.

Modules should be delivered by heavy truck(s) and installed by qualified personnel.