New type of battery

Dollar sense

cost & performance

WIN WIN Situation

4D Energetics, Inc. developed conceptually new type of rechargeable battery specifically for stationary energy storage applications.  Battery operating principle is based on physical adsorption of ions at high surface area electrodes driven bay van der Waals forces.

It was named "adsorption battery." Battery materials do not experience any chemical changes during charging and discharging. All materials are low cost and green. 

Operating principle and selected materials allow achieving unique combination of technical and economic parameters, so battery installation by small and big customers makes dollar sense for them.

Technology is protected by two US Patents.  Batteries have been independently tested at Sandia National Laboratory (Albuquerque, NM)

Our technology is truly GREEN: manufacturing, operation and decommissioning DOES NOT HURT ENVIRONMENT

I turns out that our approach to develop application specific battery technology is a win-win situation.  It makes dollar sense for both: customers and us.

High profit margin on sales allows us to offer special conditions to capital limited customers: storage system is provided at no cost, but customer's monthly savings will be remotely monitored and split 50/50. These customers may return our product at any time. 

Of course, any customer can purchase our product at any time.

Our technology and product were developed to make customers happy. To our knowledge, energy storage based on adsorption batteries is the only technology, which allows customer to save 20-40% on electricity cost while providing electricity on demand instantly.  

This is because in addition to low purchase price our product has low ownership cost, which for typical operation period of 5 - 10 years, includes cost of

- battery replacements

- maintenance

- recycling

For any customer and at any scale it makes dollar sense. And makes customer a little bit more happy.

Energy storage system consisting of adsorption batteries and electronics has unique combination of:

- low capital cost

- long cycle lifetime

- long calendar lifetime 

- fast charging

- deep discharging

- high roundtrip efficiency

- wide operating temperature range

Battery does not require any maintenance during operation.

Battery may shipped or left completely discharged for many months. Battery performance restores after couple of charge-discharge cycles.

Battery may be recycled by incineration!

Installation and operating procedures correspond to "honey can do it" level of complexity. System has one switch "on/off" and input and output receptacles.  Power source is connected to "input"  and electric load to "output."  THIS IS IT: TUN IT ON AND START SAVING $$$!

Energy storage that makes dollar sense

Reduces cost of electricity by 20 - 40%
Instantly provides electricity on demand
Works with any power source:  diesel generator, solar, wind and grid
Truly GREEN: manufacturing, operation and decommissioning DOES NOT HURT ENVIRONMENT